Blockchain Boobies #0005

£350.00 GBP

Blockchain Boobies is artist Saira Jamieson's Original Genesis NFT collection, comprising of 1001 one-of-one digital artworks living on the blockchain. During Kensington & Chelsea Arts Week, 12 of these will be released for pre-order.


NFT Purchase by GBP

Full payment of £350 is required for all pre-orders. Once complete, this 1/1 NFT will be minted by the Artist (mint date TBA) and transferred to your Ethereum wallet. Should you not have a wallet, please speak to the artist, onboarding assistance will be available. 

Should wish to buy the NFT & Physical artwork, please speak to the artist as a paired discount is available.

NFT Purchase by ETH

Full payment of 0.4ETH is required for all pre-orders. Please make payment via wallet-to-wallet transfer. Once complete, immediately contact or email us with your name, wallet address and Blockchain Boobies number - this is important.

1. Wallet Address: 0x692918A0f346367c65377a3d29AC979d5eFda61e

2. Email: hello[at] 


Made-to-order, this physical artwork is created using vibrant colour pigments and acrylic-glass. This beautiful creation is the perfect way to display a Blockchain Boobies artwork. For each of the Blockchain Boobies, 101 Artworks are available. 

See video as an example and spec as follows: 

  • Dimensions: 40 x 56.6 cm
  • Fuji Crystal Archive art, glossy
  • Acrylic glass 2 mm glossy
  • Aluminium rails for hanging

Please allow 28 days for the creation of your physical artwork.

About This Series

What is it to be a woman and truly free?
To rise above the challenges and see beyond the restrictions. To be powerful, beautiful, and in absolute control of your own destiny.

Inspired by Scheherazade’s quest to survive through her epic tales, the ‘Blockchain Boobies’ NFT series comprises 1001 one of one hand drawn artworks. Each unique and provocative piece portrays a fiercely independent, soulful woman, confident in her skin and facing the world head-on.

The series and wider project are an ambitious and essential step into the predominantly male dominated Web 3 world by South Asia multi-media artist, entrepreneur and mother, Saira Jamieson.

The project, its artworks, associated collaborations, and future social works champion womanhood. Because for some, freedom is not a choice. It is quest borne out personal experience, that has been a driving force for Saira and is reflected through her life's work.

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