Bathing in Gaia

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Love Letters & Old Scars: Bathing in Gaia 

Rivers in South Asia were once personified as goddesses. The spiritual act of sacred bathing in Gaia, mother earth, celebrates a return to the womb. The beauty of life’s amniotic fluid, washing away - whilst honouring - time gone, bringing forth new beginnings.

This painting is a part of the series "Love Letters & Old Scars" featuring 17 artworks and 3 journals. To receive a digital copy of the private brochure, please contact us at hello[at]sairajamieson[dot]com


Materials: Acrylic Ink on Mounted Canvas
Dimensions: 40.64 x 50.8 x 4.5 cm (16" x 20")
Artwork type: Original, signed painting

Artwork is ready to hang; stretched and mounted over a wooden frame. 

Artwork comes hand signed, provenance-stamped and accompanied with its personalised Certificate of Authenticity.

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