Empowerment and Healing Through Creativity

Through guided meditation we identify tensions or negative patterns that we seek to release. Calling upon spiritual guides we channel our gathered energy into a drawing allowing a deep dive into self-exploration.

We harmonise our practice through guided meditation to set intentions and boundaries. As we release this abundance of positive energy into a second drawing we seal the ritual with a self-empowering, grounding meditation. In the closing ceremony, we give and receive gratitude from all those we have shared the experience with, followed by a group discussion. All materials are provided and you will take away your drawings.

[To be rescheduled following Covid Outbreak, check back soon]

'Self Love'

A declaration of loving oneself, this twin series debuted at JG Contemporary Gallery in London.


Salma Hayek & Martha Fiennes in 'Yugen'

Martha Fiennes commissioned a hand painted artwork by Saira Jamieson directly on a bespoke couture silk gown worn by Salma Hayek in her role of Empress in the film Yugen, which premiered at the Venice Film Festival 2018.

See the Gown

'Life's Algorithm'

The short film, Life’s Algorithm, is a nod to Ms Jamieson’s journey into her identity as an artist. While the central visual cue is a Saira Jamieson original hand painted work, worn by Salma Hayek in Yugen, at its core it is a meditation on the power of an artist’s path to be shaped by fate resonating with the conceptual film itself.

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