Love Letters & Old Scars

“The series is inspired by the chance discovery of long-lost diaries and a further reveal of a hidden entry glued between pages. The text described a devastating moment of lost hope, a realisation that the freedom I desperately craved was futile.

A buried memory surfaced like a tornado in my heart. I longed to speak to this girl, my younger self.

On the following final page, I wrote to her. This love letter spoke of gratitude for gathering strength to continue to fight, for succeeding, for all the incredible things we went on to achieve and a promise to our daughter; she would know our history and champion freedom as a basic human right.

These works are very much love letters to all women that have had to fight for their freedom.

To those that lived to tell their tale, I honour your courage. To those who perished, I honour your scars.”

- Saira Jamieson

To find out more, or recieve the digital brochure which also features the private sketchbook journals in this series, please contact hello[@]sairajamieson[dot]com