INSPIRED BY: Sarah Maple's Nazi Sexy Shark Show

INSPIRED BY: Sarah Maple's Nazi Sexy Shark Show

OMG This show!!

Held at the Jealous gallery in Shoreditch “Nazi Sexy Shark Show” (aka the most popular searched words online!) was a collaboration between artist Sarah Maple & Soho House Global head of Collections, Curator Kate Bryan. 

I was so intrigued - especially being a Muslim artist myself - to see how other artists represent their cultural upbringing and somewhat complex ideologies that come within it. I think Sarah has been quite clever in her approach.

During the show Sarah also premiered a docu' style fictional art series that aired on Sky Arts - featuring herself as the protagonist. I love the way artists play with art mediums - especially film. In fact in my first solo show I projected a rather emotional abstract film called Life's Algorithm - bust out the headphones and check it out! 

Saira x 

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