Love Letters & Old Scars x KCAW

Love Letters & Old Scars x KCAW

Saira Jamieson proudly partnered with Kensington and Chelsea Arts Week to debut her latest series, Love Letters & Old Scars. 

The solo show was held at J/M Gallery, London. 

The collection was a combination of 17 paintings and 3 journals, which had been split in the 17 books, to match their respective painting. Guests were invited to have a read through the journals to understand the emotional journey to creating each painting.

The week long show featured a Preview night with talk by arts curator Sarah Forbes, and the week drew to a close with an Q&A Sunday brunch with host Kay Montano.

To find out more and to view the artworks for sale, see here.  To see the behind the scenes reels recorded throughout the week please jump to my Instagram here.