SOLO SHOW: Life's Algorithm

SOLO SHOW: Life's Algorithm


The short film, Life’s Algorithm, is a nod to Ms Jamieson’s metamorphosis into her identity as the artist. While the central visual cue is a Saira Jamieson original hand painted work, worn by Salma Hayek in Yugen, a film which debuted at the Venice Film Festival in September 2018, at its core it is a meditation on the power of an artist’s path to be shaped by fate.

The movement, positivity and play of layered symbolic motion as well as hidden images of the artist herself, is a visual celebration of the profound power of a resonating project in a creative’s life. By layering various 2D and 3D artefacts of the artists own creative output, further reinterpreted through film, Life’s Algorithm is a visual appreciation of an ideology of perpetual change and possibility.

A counter to a stagnant and predetermined perspective on life, through bold color and imagery, the film expresses the elation produced by of an individual surrendering to the metaphorical algorithm, and the reclaiming of artistic voice that is possible through that act.



As a continuing metamorphosis of the project, still frames from the final film were digitally extracted, juxtaposed, printed on to large scale fabric and layered with gold leaf emblems. These final artworks symbolise the four precious rune stones that played a part in the road to ultimate awakening.
(top left)
In life there are fundamental cross roads. You must trust, that in the universe, lies your spiritual protection. Jump in to the void.    
(top right)
The right of passage, of transition and movement from one part of life, to another. Feel and follow the energy.  
(bottom left)
A messenger bringing sacred knowledge, reminding us to be fully aware of accidental encounters; there are no coincidences in life.   
(bottom right)
A harvest is never completed before its time. Devore yourself, nurture, seek patience and all will align.   



63 x 32 inches
£350, unframed 
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